There are a ton of self help books about anxiety out there, but these are books I’ve actually read & really love. Go to your local library, pick up a few and happy reading!

*Stopping the Noise in Your Head – Dr. Reid Wilson – Coaching, motivational style – check out the video series Reid produced as well at

*Facing Panic – Dr. Reid Wilson (This may be my favorite one – short, practical tips for how to step forward & greet anxiety and panic)

*Anxious Parents, Anxious Kids – Dr. Reid Wilson & Lynn Lyons, LICSW – Anxious kids or worried you’ll pass down your anxiety to your kids? Pick this one up asap!

*Panic Attacks Workbook – Dr. David Carbonell – Great tips & really love Dave’s writing style & sense of humor.

*Fear of Flying Workbook – Dr. David Carbonell – Dave’s latest for the panicky flier!

*The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety – Forsyth & Eifert – Anxiety? Turns out it doesn’t always go away – even if you do all the right things. But, you can figure out what’s important to you in life and walk toward it even if anxiety decides to come along for the ride. Mind shifting read & hands on activities.

*Hope and Help for Your Nerves – Audio CD by Dr. Claire Weekes – Listening to Claire is like hanging out with Mrs. Doubtfire. How I love this woman & wish I could have met her in person. Amazing doc who had anxiety & panic her whole life and didn’t let either stop her from living a big life.