How to Use this Blog

Welcome to The Adventures of Anxiety Girl! You may be wondering, how do I wade through years of content & find what will help me the most?  Well, I’m glad you asked!

There are 6 main categories on this blog. Think of them as chapter headings in a book. And, if these don’t get you where you need to be, check out the tag cloud on the right hand side. Still looking? Send me an email and I’ll see what I can find for you!

Resources – This is where you’ll find interesting articles, the latest research on anxiety, tips from experts, recommended books, links to websites, weekend reads, book discussions, training videos and upcoming workshops. You can also click here for my bookshelf – a collection of books on anxiety and well being that I love.

Doing the work – This section is all about what it feels like to have anxiety – the good and the bad – and what happens when you show up to do the work of facing your fears.

Toolbox – Tools for working with anxiety like CBT, ACT and exposure therapy. You’ll find things here like Finding Help, Starting your own anxiety support group, Coping Cards and more.

InspirationQuotes, photos, humor, movies, music and, of course, Stevie Wonder.

Healthy Habits – Sleep, exercise, meditation, massage, dancing, good food, DIY wellness and more.

Superheroes – From everyday life to travel and adventure, you’ll find stories, videos and interviews with anxiety superheroes like you!