Anxiety Superheroes – The Travel Edition

Pexel photo by: Nikolaj Erema


Most of the time we don’t think of anxious people being big adventurers. Media images tell us that agoraphobics stay close to home. People with panic disorder tend to have day jobs with a high degree of control and predictability, right?

Well, these three anxiety superheroes shake up stereotypes and have found a way to be both anxious and adventurous in the world.

*Tim Cahill – founding editor of “Outside Magazine” – has traveled all around the world, set a world record for driving from Southern Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in just 23 days, has climbed up El Cap on a single rope, almost died while white water rafting through the Grand Canyon and has also dealt with panic disorder. Check out his story here or in his book, “Hold the Enlightenment“.

*Lauren Juliff – author of the travel blog, “Never Ending Footsteps” bought a one way ticket to Croatia in spite of an anxiety disorder so debilitating that at times she didn’t leave the house for months. Lauren has continued to travel all around the world, journaling her missteps and crazy adventures, while also dealing with panic and anxiety that pop up from time to time. You can read more about her travel and anxiety here.

*Tara Lepore – paleontologist, writer, world traveler, self proclaimed geek and anxiety superhero. Check out her anxiety story and how she faced her fears by climbing to the tippy top of St. Peter’s Basilica!

Tara Lepore of Outbound Adventurer

Are you an anxiety superhero that packs anxiety along for the ride instead of staying home? I’d love to hear about your adventures! And here’s a trio of posts I did a few years back about my travels to St. John – part one, two and three.

2 thoughts on “Anxiety Superheroes – The Travel Edition”

  1. I was so afraid of water that I had a panic attack once when my college boyfriend tried to “surprise” me with a visit to the Queen Mary. I had a panic attack and passed out in a high school locker room during swimming class. For years, I didn’t like the water. I could shower, sure, but any large body like an ocean, river, or even a pool was too much for me. Then one day a friend invited me to visit her in Hawaii. I had a panic attack on the plane (had never flown before). But while I was on Oahu, I decided to face that fear and leaped off of a large rock, probably more than 10 feet tall, into the ocean, with a friend holding my hand. And when I came up, my fear was gone. Just like that. So was my bikini top.

    I still have anxiety disorder and panic attacks, but water hasn’t been a trigger in over 20 years.

    1. How brave of you to fly to Hawaii despite your fear of water and literally jump right in! What a great adventure!

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